Ringpay is the ultimate app that merges real cash with mobile payment eliminating coins from your shopping journey.

Our vision is to remove coins from you everyday shopping. Making coin changes digital we help customers, businesses and banks to save a huge amount of money. And at the same time we unlock untapped values of customer engagement and loyalty.

  One mobile app both for merchants and for customers

  Zero taps to pay

  End to end security included

  Simple user experience

  Hyper-local deals and rewards

The key difference?

With ringpay you can completely dematerialize coins. All changes are collected in a personal digital piggybank to be used or withdrawn at your convenience. And loyalty is automatically included.


No extra hardware, just a mobile phone. and f you haven't one we will provide it to you ad part of our service.


Your smartphone is your mobile wallet.
And your loyalty points aggregator.
And your piggybank.

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