the start of the adventure...

02 September, 2013

Michele pitches his idea at the Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany. Big "AAARRR" for BIG IDEAS!

2 is a TEAM!

01 October, 2013

Cristina from Berlin – designer, geek and surfer – joins Ringpay. Yes, 2 is a team!

Feedback time!

07 November 2013

Andrew Humphries, co-founder of Tech City, meets us at Vator, destroys half of our business model in 15 seconds, and provides great advises to rebuild it.

Ringpay is finalist at Vator Splash London

07 November 2013

Ringpay is top 10 finalist at Vator Splash London. Our first public pitch as a team.

Ringpay enters Level39

08 November 2013

Ringpay gets accepted at Level39, largest fin-tech accelerator in Europe run by Eric Van der Kleij. We have a real office (with an amazing view).

London calling...Ringpay moving!

12 November 2013

Ringpay moves to London. We love the City, its startup ecosystem, and the links to US and international investors. Hello world!

Certificate of Incorporation

19 December 2013

Ringpay “the Company” is born. Time to take one day off and enjoy the moment.

Starting from a vertical...

19 February 2014

Working on a proof of concept on the charity market. Thinking about how to make it an effective experince...

At King's College

03 April 2013

Our very first time in one of the top college in the world. It’s not a lecture, just a debate, nonetheless exciting. Thanks Fonderia Oxford!

Finextra interviews Cristina

13 March, 2014

The first video interview of Cristina as CEO of Ringpay. Save the link, one days she’ll be famous (smile!)


18 April 2014

We are on Wired. No need to add anything else. #excited

Funding! and featured on FINSMES

20 May, 2014

We are on the press again for the first tranche of our seed funding. Just a small amount, but we are a “true” startup now, pain and gain included.

IT FACTOR about Ringpay...

15 June, 2014

Wwe love to be featured on the IT Factor! Besides our app is on the spot and the title “Young and Tough” is a huber compliment. Cheers!

Waiting for Review

03 July, 2014

Charing iOS is ready and uploaded to the App Store. We are ‘patiently’ waiting for Apple to make the app public. Tic toc tic toc!

Charing is on the App Store

13July, 2014

Download and share. We need you! Today is such an exciting day.

Welcome our new co-founder & COO, Allannah Rodrigues!

01 August, 2014

New lady on Board! Australian Londoner, digital key strategist, Allannah Smith will bring a decade of knowledge and expertise as CMO and co-founder to our startup to accelerate growth and build awareness. Welcome Allannah!!!

Ringpay is featured on Economy Up!

29 September, 2014

New article about us, and how we want to make change happen!

Charing's Launch & Demo Day

31 October, 2014

Our Halloween Party to demonstrate the effectiveness of Charing! Alive & Kicking and CMT UK used our app to fundraise at the event.


04 November 2014

We are on Smartmoney. Michele interviewed by the journalist Martina Pennisi

Ringpay is here

09 January, 2015

After the charity market POC, welcome our RETAIL prototype! Are you ready to pay for everyday transactions with your smartphone?